Our History

Our founder and General Manager

Elias Vargas is a Miami-based, industry native with 20+ years of experience in the event planning business. He started working in the field as valet and climbed his way to more senior roles such as set designer, staff recruiter, and transportation manager, learning the struggles and value of each position and the importance for creating a successful team.

Having worked on the production side of advertising and in the event industry, every time he started a new project, he was faced with the same challenge of setting up a functional recruitment, vetting, and training protocol with the aim of putting together a specialized team for the event. This is when he decided to combine his marketing know-how with his passion for experiential events, and founded SET Events. Since this venture, his goal has always been to perfectly match his client’s needs with tailor-made solutions. Elias is a family man that values giving back to the community through mentorship.

“The most important component is always the human factor,
those who go the extra mile to provide a solution and create
a memorable experience for our clients and their guests”

Past Experience


Case Studies


Sponsor Guest Transportation Program SB LIV 2020 Miami, FL

TranSports Global Sponsor Guest Transportation Program SB LIV 2020 Miami, FL Vetted and selected 35 Guest Mobility Management professionals to greet and guide over 5000 guest for the main sponsors of the NFL Championship Game. Placed our staff at MIA, FLL and other local private charter jet airports., as well as at the Hard Rock Stadium for the game egress.

● Guest Service Desk Staff

● Airport arrival management 

● Airport greeters

● Onsite vehicle coordinators

Miami Marlins

2019-2020 MLBSeason
Special Events

Specialized Event Team has maintained a multi-year relationship with the Miami Marlins MLB team, providing their auxiliary Guest Services Representatives on high ticket sales games. Set Team members provide support in the following areas:

Ticket and Badge Scanners

Retail POS staff at Fanatics Merchandise Store

●  Mobility Assistance and Guest Guidance Ushers




Led pre-event transportation setup, including: site visits, office and workspace setup, equipment supplier liaison, classification and distribution of signage, routing and driver materials Managed onsite transportation systems and staff, Coordinated leisure time city transportation system for delegates out on the town, morning press shuttle to convention and assisting with critical group moves.

● On-Site management, including:
Equipment and staff checkin/out for 3 transportation systems.

● Oversight of overnight, media-staff shuttle and 30th street station arrivals transportation system operations, troubleshooting, driver/ground staff management.
Event Breakdown

Florida International University McNair Scholars Research Conference, 2018 & 2019 – Miami, FL

About the event: The annual FIU McNair Scholars Research Conference offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary forum in which undergraduate students (not limited to McNair Scholars) come together to share their research, network and partake in various professional development

SET’s contribution: We consulted on guest mobility needs and offered exclusive and dedicated local staff who were readily available to support the visiting scholars, ensuring their comfort and providing advice on how to make the most of their time in Miami.

We provided staff who led the following areas:

● Brokered vehicles
● Selected and trained a dedicated airport greeter.
● Registration set up and guest services.
● Managed airport arrival, assigning an exclusive driver for the scholars
● Provided onsite vehicle coordinator to ensure quality and timeliness of services

10X Conference, MIAMI MARLINS STADIUM 2019 Miami, FL

About the event: The 10X Growth Conference is a business conference for entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone that wants to 10X their life and reach all their goals, hosted by bestselling author and renowned speaker Grant Cardone.

SET’s contribution: Successfully placed over 250 SETters who we trained in the 10X event and brand. Ensured staff performance by providing management and supervisory staff for every area. Fulfilled standards of quality while protecting the privacy of VIP speakers and respecting the copyright of their content.

● VIP registration/Help desk
● Greeters
● Promo distribution
● Retail associates
● Inventory runners


Planned and executed the complete transportation program for 400 guests, across a broad range of venues/group sizes Hand-selected 26 professional drivers.


● Determined key needs and budgeting for transportation requirements; secured quotes and booked transportation suppliers.

●  Screened, interviewed and hired key transportation management staff and support staff.

● Performed pre-event site inspections.
-Secured permitting and credential procurement 

●  Designed traffic plan including coordinating and securing New York City traffic department approval for routing and pick-up/drop-off locations. 

● Secured appropriate credentials for staging at exclusive venues throughout New York City.

● Designed and managed staff schedule.