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We’re a full service event management company that offers specialized staffing, guest mobility, and logistics support for corporate and social events produced nationwide.

We’re dedicated to giving our clients the best service in the industry. Our multicultural roster of event staff is passionate about their work and the best at what they do.

Our Mission is to provide innovative and efficient conference and event management solutions, specialized staffing, guest mobility and logistics support for corporate and social events produced in the United States.

We serve you anywhere you need us

Let us handle the logistics of transporting
your attendees between venues, meetings,
hotels, restaurants, and airports.

"SETters are the heart of our business
We are always looking to strengthen our team"

Event Logistics and Staffing

Training and providing specialized staff is what we
excel at. We have access to a large pool of 300+
multicultural staff that will make your guests feel
welcomed and take your brand to heart.

"Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

We pride ourselves on leading the way in guest mobility management, a breakthrough concept in event transportation and service where the complete guest’s experience is taken into consideration and strategically planned out.”

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“Anytime I need top notch quality service in South Florida my first call is always to SET Events. SET Events strives to meet client expectations and with their dedication and work ethic it routinely surpasses expectations. I have zero concerns when SET Events is taking care of my clients.”
Brian Wickersham
Event Transportation Solutions, Inc.


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